Bug and Bean
My responsibility is always to my client, adding my own artistic interpretation to support their vision. I believe a great photograph should reflect the subtleties and depth of the human experience. A baby's smile, the adoration of grandparents and the love between mother and child are often inexplicable through words.

I describe my style as a melody of timeless black and white photography coupled with a free spirited candid approach that aims to capture the reality of tiny moments in time.
It is recommended that we meet before your photo session to discuss the details of your shoot as each session is individually tailored to meet the needs of your family. It will also give me a chance to become acquainted with your little one.
Creativity flows out of play. Therefore, all photo sessions are photographed on location. The best photos are often taken at a place that your child is comfortable and familiar with. A backyard or park provides an open area with an abundance of natural light where your child can freely express himself.

It is important that your child is dressed in comfortable clothing that enables him to move freely. Solid color casual clothing typically photographs best. We want all the attention to be focused on the beauty of your child, not on distracting patterns. If family members or children are being photographed together, clothes that are similar in style and color are best for a nice coordinated look. With black and white photography, less is more.
It is best to plan for a time of day when your child is alert and productive as photo sessions will often last as long as it takes to capture the basic nature of your child. While times may vary, 1 to 3 hours is standard.
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